Diagnosing NSCLC
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Diagnosing NSCLC

The most important factor of getting better when you have NSCLC is diagnosing it at an early stage. It can be done if you visit an expert as soon as possible.

Most of the people who have suffered from non small cell lung cancer have stated that the symptoms did not show up very early. It is only after a certain period of time, the symptoms are revealed. It is advised that one must visit an oncologist as soon as any symptoms appear. It is only in the early stages when the cancer can be treated. The diagnosis consists of various procedures. Many experts have preferred two main processes of diagnosis, namely biopsy and imaging. These two procedures have shown positive results in determining the stage and spread of cancer with certainty.


It is one of the most common procedures of testing or diagnosing a cancer. In case of non small cell lung cancer as well, biopsy has been chosen as the process to examine the tumor. To elaborate, a tissue from a node or tumor is taken which is sent to examination. In NSCLC, there needs to be multiple examination of tissue or tumor to determine the stage as well as genetic signature of the tumor. Biopsy can be conducted without surgery. While in some cases, surgery is preferred. You must consult your doctor and choose the way that is advised to you.


Imaging is an obvious diagnosis which is done in the case of non-small cell lung cancer. While many patients have gone through X-ray, there are also other types of imaging as well. For clear observation, a CT scan is preferred by most of the doctors. It delivers a detailed image of your lungs as well as the area surrounding the lungs. Apart from CT scan, an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can also be conducted. This can give any knowledge about the tumors present in your diaphragm or chest wall. A PET CT can also be used as it gives clear images of the cells growing in your body.
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