Choices of treatments available for NSCLC
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Choices of treatments available for NSCLC

Treatment methods
NSCLC patients have different choice of treatments available to them. There are various factors which can play an important role.

To simplify, the treatment of non small cell lung cancer depends upon the stage of the cancer. It is the primary factor which affects the impact of any particular treatment. Apart from this, other factors which play an important role in the choice is the health of a person and the functioning of his lungs. The initial thing that you must do is to quit smoking or avoid passive smoking. This can make conditions worse. It can also lead to the failure of treatments as well. A person must breathe in a healthy environment as it is the only way for the treatment to work.

Initial stage treatment

As you are aware, the treatment of initial stage non small cell lung cancer has been more successful compared to the latter stages. The reason is quite simple. When the cancer cells are confined to a smaller space, it can be treated easily. The option available for the initial stages is surgery. Surgery can be performed to remove the affected part of the lungs so that the cancer cells are not spread further. Sleeve resection can be performed in areas like windpipe if cancer cells are present there. The important part is that it can prove to be successful.

Latter stage treatment

This is the part where cancer has spread over both of your lungs. These cases can be tough to handle. The initial treatment that the doctor recommends is chemotherapy. After chemo, if cells are reduced to a certain level, surgery can be performed to eradicate cancer. In the last stage, when the cancer has spread to other organs as well, it might be difficult to treat and operate. The treatment depends upon the health of the patients and the spreading range of the tumors. The chances of survival are minimum, therefore it can be unsuccessful.
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